2G Energy

2G are strong innovators of CHP technology installing thousands of CHPs worldwide, covering a wide variety of different gas types; including hydrogen. 2G Energy has fully operational CHPs running on 100% hydrogen worldwide since 2012, providing large proportions of an organisation’s electricity and heat, whilst helping them reach their net-zero goals. All standard engines can take any blends of hydrogen up to 40% before a simple engine modification is required, meaning less disruption to infrastructure. 2G was the first manufacturer to provide the first 100% hydrogen CHP in the UK at Orkney airport, part of a wider project to decarbonise the airport.

Products and Services

The 2G product range includes CHP systems with an electrical output between 20 kW and 2,000 kW for operation with natural gas, biogas, other lean gases, biomethane and hydrogen. In the output range between 50 kW and 550 kW, 2G has its own combustion engine concepts with low fuel consumption, high availability and optimised maintenance requirements.