The UK's Hydrogen Project Map

We are the voice of the UK hydrogen sector, bringing together representatives from the entire value chain to make the UK the best place for hydrogen. We are delighted to launch the first free-to-access UK Hydrogen Projects Map. This map is here to showcase to Investors, Governments & the Hydrogen Industry the pioneering projects across the value chain that our members and the wider Industry are implementing.  

This project map has been created using HEA’s market intelligence and via submitted projects. It is a living document and, as such, we cannot guarantee that all UK post-FEED projects are included. If you want your project to be reflected in the next update of the map or spot an omission, please submit its information through the links below or get in touch. The project map will be updated and promoted periodically by the HEA team. If you have any questions, please contact us. To qualify for the HEA’s UK Hydrogen Project Map, your project must have completed its FEED and / or been shortlisted for public funding. 

We are committed to spreading this resource far and wide, fostering industry collaboration, building a strong UK Hydrogen narrative, and creating commercial and investment opportunities for the Hydrogen Industry. This map is a vital resource to evidence how the UK Industry acts on its ambition.

To view the key, click on the right hand corner of the map.

Please submit your projects through the following links:

  • Submit Hydrogen Production Projects
  • Submit H2 Infrastructure Projects (This category includes Refueling stations, Storage facilities, Road & Pipeline Transportation projects)
  • Submit Hydrogen-Powered Transport Use Projects
  • Submit Commercial and Industrial Use Projects
  • Submit Hydrogen for Domestic Heating Projects

The project map will be updated quarterly by the HEA team. If you have any questions, please contact us.