Alcazar is a research and analysis consultancy specializing in hydrogen and the energy transition.

We are highly skilled in predictive analytics and business intelligence within the renewables arena.

We appraise the commoditization of hydrogen across the entire value chain and its complex integration within the renewables generation framework.

Products and Services

Our analysis, research and consulting in hydrogen, renewables and electrification includes:

• Subscription service price forecasts for hydrogen, coal, gas, power and CO2
• Proprietary carbon intensity index
• Managing complex and transversal aspects of the hydrogen ecosystem
• Scenario analysis of policy actions within the hydrogen ecosystem
• Carbon intensity impact analysis
• ESG investing and analytical due diligence
• Consulting in hydrogen commoditization and standardization
• Assisting in power market development
• Global value-chain and market analysis
• Risk assessment including hydrogen feedstock risk analysis
• Life cycle analysis
• Business modelling

Contact information

Joaquin Narro, Managing Director, [email protected]