ATOME Energy PLC, listed on the AIM Market of the London Stock Exchange, is a company focused on the production, marketing, and distribution of green hydrogen and ammonia. ATOME has two operating subsidiaries, ATOME Paraguay based in Paraguay, and Green Fuel based in Iceland. ATOME intends to benefit from both locations, which are ideally suited to produce green hydrogen due to a baseload supply of low-cost green electricity, access to significant internal offtake demand and available export markets. Iceland and Paraguay host favourable fiscal conditions, an educated and available workforce with benign labour conditions, and clear decarbonisation and hydrogen roadmaps.

Products and Services

ATOME is focused on becoming a major player in the production and sale & distribution of green hydrogen, ammonia & oxygen using totally renewable energy sources. ATOME intends to generate green ammonia from hydrogen for the decarbonisation of the agricultural sector for the use of ammonia in fertilisers. The agricultural sector is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. Ammonia can also be used as a fuel in the maritime sector which contributes 3% to global emissions and is under orders from the International Maritime Organisation to reduce emissions. In February 2022, ATOME announced the creation of a new division, ATOME Mobility, dedicated to providing a clean energy solution for heavy road transport and shipping, two hard-to-abate industries where battery alternatives cannot provide effective solutions using present technology, and accelerate global adoption of zero-emissions transport. ATOME Mobility’s first project will be located in Paraguay and due to commence operations by the end of the first half 2023.

Contact information

Nikita Levine, Director, [email protected]