Diffusion Alloys

Diffusion Alloys is a leading independent provider of protective surface coatings for metal components used in harsh and high temperature operating conditions.

Our proprietary diffusion coatings and processing methods are developed in parallel with our customer’s requirements enabling our coatings to be at the forefront of metal degradation protection.
Our diffusion coatings protect against metal degradation from high temperature oxidation, sulfidation, coking, carburisation, metal dusting, hydrogen permeation, chromium leach and molten salt corrosion and are deployed across a range of industries.

The company’s diffusion aluminide coating has been a critical and cost-effective solution to degradation issues in a number of clean technology applications, notably in large scale hydrogen generation SMR technologies, solid oxide fuel cells, solid oxide electrolyser designs and renewable energy storage.

Products and Services

Diffusion coatings
Full technical capabilities and support including SEM
Unrivalled expertise in diffusion coating of small/complex components
Unrivalled facility for coating long tubes. Unrivalled expertise in diffusion coating at this scale.

Contact information

Lisa Randall, Managing Director, [email protected]