Equilibrion is a company with a purpose to achieve the potential of nuclear energy to deliver mass scale solutions for the production of hydrogen, heat and synthetic fuels. Nuclear energy can produce 24/7 high capacity, low carbon energy in the form of either electricity, direct heat, or both, presenting the opportunity to deliver scale solutions to decarbonise our heat, transport and industrial sectors. They work with businesses to identify, collaborate, and deliver cross sector propositions across the hydrogen, heat and transport value chains to capture opportunities from the global energy transition and fulfil the potential of nuclear energy. They work with all companies across the hydrogen industry value chain to support projects access the reliable low carbon primary energy that nuclear offers.

Products and Services

Technical and Economic Feasibility Business Case Development Government Funding Bid Strategy and Partnering Government Relations Advocacy Project Definition Project Management Systems Integration Siting Development Regulation Supply Chain Development Stakeholder Engagement Reactor Technology-Market Development Inward Investment for New Market Entrants Understanding of the Nuclear Industry Stakeholder Alignment Collaboration building Market Development Government Contract Delivery New entrants to the nuclear market Strategic Communications

Contact information

Allan Simpson, Chief Technologist [email protected]. 07961 440229