Flexitallic is the market leader in the manufacture and supply of static sealing solutions, delivering high quality gaskets, services and products for ensuring bolted joint integrity on a global scale. Flexitallic is the world’s only one-stop shop for all your Total Joint Integrity needs. This approach also covers the hydrogen sector. We provide sealing solutions for fuel cell and electrolyser stacks and systems with a particular focus on solid oxide and molten carbonate technologies. We also provide customized tensioning systems for stacks that reduce production time and costs. We work closely with equipment manufacturers, system integrators and EPCs, as well as end-users and maintenance companies to provide solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Flexitallic recognizes the immense potential of hydrogen as a clean energy carrier, and its vital role as industrial feedstock. Flexitallic provides advanced sealing solutions that ensure the safe and efficient operation of systems across the whole hydrogen value chain. Our expertise enables us to address the unique challenges associated with hydrogen applications, such as extreme tightness, material compatibility, high pressures and temperatures ranging from cryogenic to more than 1000oC. By delivering high-performance sealing solutions, we contribute to the overall safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of hydrogen systems.

Products and Services

Flexitallic is the Total Joint Integrity company making the world safer & cleaner through engineered sealing solutions. We offer advanced sealing solutions, custom formulated materials, and innovative tensioners, nuts, and washers, as well as training and Joint Integrity Services (e.g., applications engineering, hydraulic bolt tensioning, field machining, leak detection). Through continued research and development, Flexitallic today offers unique products for the hydrogen sector such as Corriculite® and Thermiculite®, two proprietary materials that make a gasket significantly tighter, safer, more resilient, and corrosion-free.

Primary: Gaskets, Seals, Sealing Materials
Supplementary: Joint Integrity Training, installation supervision Applications Engineering Leak detection, specialist bolting services , onsite machining

Contact information

Mr Alessandro Cavalli, Business Development Manager, [email protected]