Gen 2 Energy

Gen2 Energy is dedicated to developing, building, owning and operating an integrated value chain for green hydrogen by 2025. The company aims to establish production capacity at large-scale for green hydrogen based on 100 percent renewable energy, and to operate an intelligent logistics network. We offer a green hydrogen plug-and-play delivery solution where the customer and Gen2 Energy can monitor the use and predict usage and demand using ‘just in time’ supply technology.

Products and Services

Gen2 Energy aims to have Green Hydrogen available from the beginning of 2025. Initially our product will be offered as follows: Certified Green Hydrogen Quality/purity meeting Fuel Cell requirement (ISO 14687-2:2019) Compressed at ~350 bar (For liquified, please contact us) Loads of 850 kg H2 equals 28 000 kWh Delivered in standard 40 ft ISO containers with ADR (road), RID (railway) and IMDG (shipping) approvals. Weight max <32T. We will be able to supply into costal North-west Europe

Contact information

Terje Simonsen, Head of Human Resources and Corporate Culture, [email protected]