Hale Hamilton

For over 70 years, Hale Hamilton has partnered with customers to deliver mission-critical pressure and flow control solutions. In meeting their clients’ needs, they utilize a range of pressure and flow control technologies with the scope of their supply ranging from individual valves to fully integrated fluid control systems. Their team of Engineers, Application Experts, and Project Managers have a broad range of experience in delivering cost-effective solutions with projects delivered to specification, time, and cost.

Products and Services

Valves and Pressure Control Solutions for Tank Solutions, Refuellers and Hydrogen Refuelling Stations.

Hale Hamilton valves include:

– TPED approved isolation valves for Hydrogen trailers carrying upto 700 bar.

– Slam Shut Valves for flammable gas over pressure protection systems (supplied as part of system product).

– Dome Loaded Regulator: used for high flow gas service.

Contact information

Ian Rickard, Business Development Manager, +44 7879 482134