Hydrogen Challenge Ltd

Hydrogen Challenge Ltd provides public engagement and education services, specialising in activities that provide a hands-on experience with hydrogen fuel cells in a way that is engaging and informative for participants of all ages and demographics.

Products and Services

The flagship “Hydrogen Challenge” activity puts fuel cells into the hands of participants, educating them on methods of production, storage, safety and applications of hydrogen and fuel cell technology. Activities are designed with flexibility at their core, with the ability to deliver at almost any scale required, from a single private workshop, to public events with thousands of participants per day, including company inductions & orientation days, science & STEM festivals, innovation & technology expos, team-building & networking events, company parties & celebrations, and community outreach events. To further the goal of wide-spread dissemination on the benefits of H2FC technology Hydrogen Challenge Ltd has developed a model for large-scale schools’ engagement activities which, in addition to its young participants, directly engages with our clients and their workforce, educational institutions and businesses, and local government agencies. These “Schools’ Hydrogen Challenge Competitions” can be delivered across an entire city, region or country with in-school workshops feeding into high-profile final events which act as a focal point for stakeholder engagement and create opportunities for media coverage, VIP speakers, client showcases and networking. Outside of its own activities and events Hydrogen Challenge Ltd provides training & equipment hire, educational lectures and consultancy on a wide range of subjects related to the use of hydrogen technology and fuel cells in the public domain.

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