Loop Energy

Loop Energy is a leading designer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cell systems for the electrification of commercial mobility.

Vehicles such as transit buses, logistics fleets, delivery trucks and specialty vehicles utilize Loop Energy’s proprietary eFlowTM technology as a zero-emissions power solution.

Founded in 2000, Loop Energy was created with the sole purpose of decarbonizing the commercial vehicle industry.

During the research and development phase, Loop Energy collaborated with Canada’s National Research Council and various OEMs to ensure its products are optimized for the needs of commercial fleet operators. Born out of this innovative process was Loop Energy’s patented eFlow™ technology, designed to improve performance and economics for both OEMs and end-users.

Along the way, Loop Energy secured investment from Cummins Inc., which sees hydrogen fuel cells as an effective zero-emissions substitute for diesel.

In 2021, the rise in interest in clean technology saw the company take the opportunity to raise $100 million CAD on the Toronto Stock Exchange. This investment and enthusiasm have allowed Loop Energy to scale its production capabilities in Vancouver, Canada and Shanghai, China, and expand its sales and market support footprint in Europe, Asia and North America.

With an experienced leadership team and more than 100 employees worldwide, Loop Energy’s fuel cell engines are now the driving force behind zero-emissions vehicles on the road.

Products and Services

Loop Energy’s fuel cell modules and systems are engineered to deliver new levels of performance while achieving zero-emissions targets.

Designed for seamless integration, our modules and systems are significantly smaller and lighter than most alternatives and are backed by our customer-centric technical support.

Our portfolio of solutions can be integrated into a wide range of mobility and power system applications and is offered in the following power ranges:

S300 Series (30 kW)

T505 Series (50 kW)

T600 Series (60 kW)

Our complete fuel cell systems include a fuel cell module with eFlow™ powered stacks, a cooling system and a DC-DC converter to deliver a reliable zero-emission engine.

Contact information

Ethan Hugh, Marketing Director, [email protected]