Marubeni Europower

Marubeni Europower is a subsidiary of the Marubeni Corporation. Operating for over 50 years in Europe, Marubeni are a leading investor in renewable energy who develops and operates, Independent Power Producer (IPP) Projects across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Its expertise ranges from developing new generation and transmission assets through to operation and maintenance activities.

Products and Services

Marubeni has extensive experience in delivering renewable energy for our clients either as an Independent Power Producer (IPP) or delivering to Industrial, Commercial and Public Sector clients through Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

Top Class Global IPP Portfolio with worldwide strongholds for project development & asset management
Proactively Promoting and Increasing renewable energy projects to contribute to a low-carbon society
A Robust Track Record of Overseas Power EPC Projects & Unique EPC Contract Knowledge and Experience
Promoting Community-Based Power & Power Servicing Businesses to Support the Resolution of Regional Social Subjects

Contact information

Luke Walsh, Business Development Manager, [email protected]