NanoSUN is a world leading, award-winning, engineering company focused on the development, manufacture and commercialisation of hydrogen refuelling products for use within the Transportation Industry.

From Industrial Gases to Transport sectors, we aim to accelerate hydrogen use with our innovative technologies by bridging the gap between the hydrogen supply industry and the needs of end users for convenient, low cost, simple-to-use and safe fuelling systems.

Our novel cascade methods are used in multiple applications, where high pressure, safe and cost-effective hydrogen storage, distribution and dispensing solutions enable customers to operate zero-emission products.

Products and Services

NanoSUN’s refuelling solutions facilitate hydrogen mobility and rapid, low-cost deployment of the support infrastructure needed to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen vehicles from buses and heavy-duty trucks to construction and material handling equipment.

Our mobile Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) is a fully mobile, self-contained, automated refuelling solution that offers an affordable way of delivering transportation-grade hydrogen directly to the point of use, where it is dispensed into hydrogen powered vehicles efficiently, safely and fast.

Delivering a capital cost that is significantly lower than a fixed HRS, the Pioneer offers local distribution as a fundamental factor in building an effective hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Providing an on-site refuelling solution to a wide range of applications, from refuelling small vehicle fleets to acting as a reliable back-up solution, the Pioneer also offers a much needed, low-cost interim answer to costly fixed Hydrogen Refuelling Stations until the point that sufficient scale is reached, and a fixed HRS is needed. An integrated, hydrogen storage, transportation and dispensing solution, the Pioneer Hydrogen Refuelling Solution is the answer to mobile and in-field refuelling, with fast deployment directly to any desired location.

Contact information

Lee Juby, Commercial Director, [email protected]