RHizome2 Hydrogen Limited

RHIZOME2 HYDROGEN is a specialist system integrator, with expertise in green hydrogen production, compression, storage & delivery systems. The company has developed its own Hydrogen Refuelling Station, ZEPHYR (Zero Emission Production Hydrogen Refuelling). It is a complete package to facilitate onsite green hydrogen production to refuel hydrogen vehicles, most reliably and efficiently.

The company supports the development of hydrogen infrastructure, by providing onsite hydrogen production and refuelling facilities, customised to fuelling requirements.

Products and Services

RHIZOME2 HYDROGEN’s ZEPHYR, consists of an Electrolyser Module (for onsite Hydrogen production), Compressor Module, High-Pressure Storage and Dispenser to refuel vehicles.

Considering the modular design, it is possible to supply the modules individually to meet project requirements. Maintenance services for the equipment supplied will also be provided.

Project Management and Technical services are offered to cover the project from early stages to testing, commissioning and Start-up onsite.

Contact information

Raj Sharma, Director, [email protected]