Sauer Compressors

Sauer Compressors UK Ltd is part of a world-wide group of companies that supply medium & high-pressure compressors to suit air or any gas applications, with focus on hydrogen boosting compressors for use in hydrogen storage and fuel dispensing from typical electrolyser or low-pressure grid supplies.

We are actively working with clients in the hydrogen generation, storage and usage applications within the energy and transportation sectors, with increasing conversion from feasibility study to actual project status.

We are specifically well positioned to offer smaller scale hydrogen compressor flowrates suited to smaller electrolyser, fuelling stations, whether mobile or static applications. From our UK site we can supply compressor only, skid set mounted for OEM integration or fully acoustically enclosed or containerised solutions, UK assembled and supported by our service team.

Products and Services

Oil free, hermetically sealed compressors, with suction pressure typically 10-30 barg and outlet pressure 300 to 400 barg. ATEX zone 1 or 2 rated motors, T2 or T3 temperature class, 4 or 6 pole speeds, discharge flowrates 9 to 58 Nm3/hr.

Oil lubricated compressors, with suction pressures typically up to 20 barg, and outlet pressures up to 350 barg with a volume flow rate up to 1000 m3/hr, supplied with oil removal filtration equipment to suit client requirements.

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