Spotlight on… ULEMCo

It is the world’s first hydrogen commercial vehicle conversion company – enabling fleet, commercial and more specialist vehicles such as refuse trucks and road sweepers to use zero emission hydrogen fuel, reducing transport related carbon emissions.

The company is focussed on helping to create a demand for fleet conversion, which in turn leads to more investment in global hydrogen infrastructure.

Applying their experience of the wider hydrogen supply chain, ULEMCo helps customers at the start of their hydrogen transformation journey, from consultancy services to understanding the options and engineered solutions for back to base refuelling. Utility fleets are typically run with back to base refuelling, and can adopt hydrogen right way, creating cleaner cities and helping achieve net zero.

ULEMCo’s primary product is a globally unique hydrogen dual-fuel approach, H2ICED®, that allows hydrogen to be mixed with diesel directly in a conventional engine, supplied via onboard gas tanks, in volumes that displace between 30-70% of the energy from diesel.

This dual-fuel approach addresses concerns about the risk of hydrogen availability, and anxiety over range – ensuring the vehicle will still carry on in diesel if no hydrogen is available. By using the existing engine technology, the cost of conversion is minimal in comparison to other low emission solutions.

Longer term the company is developing full hydrogen vehicles solutions including fuel cell integration as base electric range extenders and 100% hydrogen combustion engine vehicles.

ULEMCo sells to customers who use specialist vehicles like refuse trucks and road sweepers and LGVs like large vans and want to use hydrogen, collectively saving many thousands of tonnes of emissions daily, without loss of productivity and flexibility.

Conversions are sold direct or through authorised partners, being installed locally to the customers.

Examples include:

  • On-going supply of conversions for refuse trucks, sweepers and specialist vehicles to Aberdeen City Council
  • Supply of a fleet of 20 multi-purpose gritters for Glasgow City Council
  • Development of the “world’s first” purpose built zero emission Emergency Ambulance.
  • Growing network of partners including Canada, New Zealand and Australia for supply of hydrogen enabled vehicles globally

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