Spotlight on… Kiwa

Kiwa’s expert knowledge has enabled it to design, procure, and install its own hydrogen production plant using a predominantly biogas feedstock. This hydrogen is then stored at the production site before being odorised and transported across playing fields and along a road using a pipeline laid under the 1986 Gas Act to provide test gas for long term appliance trials. This UK first has involved no subsidies from government. 

A world top 20 leader in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC), Kiwa is a long-standing member of the UK HFCA and other trade bodies as well as an established adviser to government departments. 

Kiwa’s need to help customers develop safe appliances and work safely with hydrogen, has led to considerable in-house knowledge development and to work along the full supply chain from production to end user, particularly at the domestic and commercial scale. 

Recent activities include support to hydrogen distribution developments, decarbonisation, and fuel switching projects, to ensure development of safe operating parameters for hydrogen deployment. That includes both short- and long-term testing and certification for hydrogen appliance OEM’s, as well as bespoke investigations for unusual products. 

In these difficult times for bottled hydrogen, Kiwa’s use of its own hydrogen has meant that the company can tailor both quality and quantity to meet their clients individual test scenarios. This has also enabled the company to develop training courses for installers of hydrogen equipment and systems. 

Kiwa UK is headquartered in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. It is part of the wider Kiwa organisation which employs more than 10,000 people in 35 countries. 


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