Spotlight on… Ingersoll Rand

This unit of the business has more than 40 years of hydrogen and complex gas compression expertise. It has core technology manufacturing plants in the UK and India and access to the global footprint of Ingersoll Rand packaging and service centres.

As a trusted provider of reliable hydrogen compression systems its portfolio includes numerous market-leading brands capable of providing equipment suitable for a variety of hydrogen-related applications, including:

  • Ingersoll Rand – offering oil-free, water cooled compressors and boosters up to 100 barg and 620 kW installed power per compressor.
  • Reavell – oil lubricated and air or water cooled compressors and boosters up to 414 barg and 250 kW installed power per compressor.
  • Belliss & Morcom – a hydrogen focussed development to increase the oil free compression capability up to 250 barg and introduce a range of compact footprint compressors with installed power up to 550 kW.

Ingersoll Rand’s combined know-how and dedication to making its customers successful puts it on the forefront of the rapidly growing hydrogen market. The Ingersoll Rand Hydrogen Compression Systems product range is ideally suited to move hydrogen from production to application, making it a perfect fit for electrolysis and SMR installations as either direct compression to industrial applications or as pre compression in mobility or tube trailer filling.

Ingersoll Rand has the expertise to standardize without losing the flexibility to customise. The team is able to leverage its broad product portfolio and employ cross-brand cooperation with brands such as Nash and Haskel to design and manufacture complete hydrogen packages.

There are a range of care service programmes including genuine parts, rapid service response, optimisation of system efficiency and the ability to detect problems before they happen – resulting in a reliable long-term service.

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