HEA Hydrogen Bytes – A 30-minute ‘Byte’ with GHD, unravelling the Hydrogen opportunity

November 15, 2023

Event Type: HEA Event
Location: Webinar

We are delighted to announce our second guest on our new series of lunchtime webinars, ‘Hydrogen Bytes’ : A 30-minute 'Byte' with GHD, unravelling the hydrogen opportunity. These short sessions will each focus on an aspect of the hydrogen economy, showcasing how hydrogen is delivering against net zero, clean growth and energy resilience objectives, and shining a light on the depth and breadth of pioneering hydrogen activity across our membership.

The ‘Bytes’ will be open to all, enabling stakeholders from across and beyond our industry to extend their knowledge of ambition and innovation in the Industry.

At this next 30-minute session, we'll be catching up with Andrew Winship, GHD's Future Energy Lead - Hydrogen | Europe and Middle East and Rocio de la Torre Perez, GHD's Hydrogen Consultant, to exchange perspectives on their company's learnings from H2 production and transport projects in the EMEA region. Come along to engage with GHD's insights on success factors for UK Hydrogen projects across production and transport.

Register for the event at the link below here.

Hydrogen Bytes Linkedin Cover