Leading hydrogen association welcomes measures announced at COP28

The leading think tank for hydrogen in the UK has welcomed a suite of initiatives announced at COP28. 

The Hydrogen Energy Association (HEA), formerly known as the UK HFCA, praised a range of measures unveiled which have been designed to accelerate the commercialisation of hydrogen, keep the 1.5 degrees target within reach and unlock the benefits of cross-border value chains for hydrogen. 

The plans were announced in Dubai UAE at a high-level round table – the first of its kind – included a shared declaration of intent across governments on mutual recognition of certification schemes for hydrogen, a global benchmark for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and a public-private action statement on cross-border trade corridors in hydrogen in partnership with the International Hydrogen Trade Forum (IHTF) and the Hydrogen Council. 

CEO Celia Greaves said: “A successful future hydrogen economy will be built on international collaboration and trade, involving Governments and business.  As we start to scale-up hydrogen it will be critical to have mutually agreed definitions and terms. 

“We warmly welcome these announcements, which will provide the practical foundations for the shared recognition of national schemes and will be fundamental to delivering the global benefits hydrogen and its derivatives.” 

The HEA includes members from across the full hydrogen value chain bringing together representatives to collaborate in its goal to make the UK the best place for hydrogen. 

In statement ahead of the opening of COP28, Celia anticipated today’s announcements and said: “It’s vital that we accelerate the essential and inevitable end for fossil fuels and that COP28 sends the right messages out about the key elements required for a successful climate summit and to drive the global hydrogen agenda.” 

Today’s measures signal a positive step forward for the sector in fuelling sustainable economic growth and renewable energy deployment.