Catagen are deep domain experts in thermodynamics and emissions, patent protecting five new innovations for net zero solutions. Our experienced and dynamic team are on a dedicated path to delivering industrial-scale system solutions.

ClimaHtech is an acceleration system towards decarbonisation using advanced climate technologies. It is a platform to generate green hydrogen, bio-hydrogen and gHreen e-fuels with complementary systems for carbon capture and hydrogen compression.

Products and Services

Aftertreatment Testing Services:

CATAGEN is a specialist in delivering aftertreatment testing and reproducible data to leading automotive brands. They have a proven track record of delivering Catalyst Ageing to over 25 leading auto manufacturers to help them reduce development time, costs, and emissions compliance.

Our unique OMEGA technology can reproducibly replicate engine flow rates, temperatures and gas compositions for the following configurations: Standard gasoline or diesel; Hybrid powertrains; E-Fuels, hydrogen combustion, biofuels, ethanol engines or natural gas engines.

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