Conrad Energy

A full-service Independent Power Producer (IPP), Conrad Energy is the UK’s largest provider of flexible generation, with a growing portfolio of 600MW of flexible generation across 45 sites, powering the equivalent of over a million homes.

We are dedicated to supporting critical national infrastructure and the UKʼs energy transition to net zero by 2050. We can supply power from the grid to our commercial customers and optimise generation assets through our trading desk, helping the UK meet challenge of navigating the energy trilemma.

Products and Services

Conrad Energy develops, builds, and operates sites in the energy sector.

As part of our support for the energy transition, we are developing a number of hydrogen production sites, including developing flexible use of grid-connected electrolysers, with hydrogen storage, as well as piloting the use of hydrogen as fuel for flexible power generation.

We are also very interested in injection of hydrogen into the gas network.
We are keen to talk to anyone with projects or sites which would be suited to any of these themes.

Contact information

Neil Filkin, Technical Director,