Emerson solutions lead the way in helping to maximise the conversion and output of hydrogen while meeting industry standards.

As a leading expert in automation solutions for electrolyser and reformer hydrogen and fuel cell systems, Emerson can help scale hydrogen-based technology while controlling costs and always maintaining the highest standards for safe production and application deployment.

Products and Services

Automation Project Management, design, delivery and commissioning and lifecycle services.

Control and Safety Systems: distributed control systems (DCS), safety instrumented systems (SIS), integrated control and safety systems (ICSS), PLC, SCADA, asset management and condition monitoring systems, Rotating Machinery protection and condition monitoring systems.

Instrumentation & Metering: pressure, temperature, level, flow, vibration, acoustic, leak detection, flame and gas detection, gas and liquid composition analysis, fiscal and custody transfer metering

Valves and Final Controls: control valves, actuated and manual isolation valves, pressure and flow regulator valves, pressure and vacuum safety relief valves, tank access hatches, flame arrestors.

Industrial LED

Lighting and Power Distribution

Emerson’s brands include –

ROSEMOUNT: measurement instrumentation and systems
Micro Motion: Coriolis Meters provide high accuracy and turndown capability for hydrogen gas applications
ASCO and Aventics Pneumatic Controls: Valve Island and Fluid Control Valve Systems; flow control for high flow and demanding applications: direct and pilot-operated solenoid valves; pressure-operated, angle body piston valves for on/off or proportional control
TESCOM: HV-3500 Series Hydrogen Onboard Regulator – Two stage pressure reducing Regulator designed for use onboard hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, ER5050 – Hydrogen Dispenser Pressure Control Solution. DeltaV Digital Automation Platform (DCS, SIS, ICSS) reduces operational complexity, lowers project risk, and increases the performance of large-scale power-to-gas (P2G) megawatt electrolysers. Rx3i and CPL410
PLC/PAC systems: scalable solutions for all aspects of hydrogen production and distribution
Appleton ATX: complete solutions for explosion-proof LED lighting and power distribution

Contact information

Paul Wann, Sales Director: paul.wann@emerson.com or uksales@emerson.com