GeoPura was founded to help source enough clean energy to electrify our global economy and navigate the logistical issues of getting this energy to where it is needed.

The GeoPura solution uses renewable energy, normally solar PV or wind, to create hydrogen and hydrogen based zero emission fuels.

This fuel is then transported to locations where a local generator converts it to electrical power. From start to finish the process is clean and carbon free – the only by-product is pure water.

Our offer enables nearly all sectors of our global economy to decarbonise their power use with renewable energy sources; sustaining their current level of energy requirement, while lowering their carbon footprint at the rate required to meet global targets.

In just under two years since our launch, GeoPura™ have implemented our ground-breaking technology across industries like construction, TV and film production, and outdoor events.

Products and Services

The GeoPura Hydrogen Power Unit (HPU) uses fuel cell technology to produce scalable, reliable, clean energy that can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Powered by green hydrogen, the units’ only by-products are pure water and a little heat. Packaged within a standard 20ft container, the HPU can be transported with ease and operates entirely independently from the grid.

Where a local grid does exist but is either insufficient or too unreliable for the required use, a standard GeoPura HPU can be connected to that grid and be operated in a Grid Augmentation mode to back up and supplement the supply.

The HPU delivers 250kW continuous power and includes a 216kWh battery back-up allowing both high efficiency running and critical power even if the green hydrogen fuel supply is interrupted.

It can be supplied with EV charging points to provide temporary or permanent charging facilities and can also be configured to deliver combined heat and power (CHP).

The unit works entirely autonomously, but there is the option to use it alongside an existing power source or up to four units can be combined to deliver 1MW of electrical power.

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