H2Transition Capital LLP

H2Transition Capital LLP (H2TC) is an emerging global private equity fund focused on the hydrogen value chain. H2TC is focused on identifying advantaged locations and local teams for investments in low carbon H2 production, storage and distribution initially forming SPVs through to FEED overseen by the fund with individual anchor investors before integrating these within the fund as we approach FID and beyond. Locations include the UK, Chile, Spain, Mauritania and the Baltics. Key green electricity suppliers are being developed as partners with a preference for long term off-grid supply along with long term customers being identified with a goal of contracting 75% of the offtake pre-FID. H2TC’s three General Partners as well as our Advisory Board have rich experience in the energy sector, financial markets, project development and science-based technologies. In addition to hydrogen production storage and distribution H2TC has just launched a technology fund focused on a few TRL 7+ private firms (selected from an in-depth study of over 400 entities) all poised to make material changes in the effectiveness and efficiency of producing green hydrogen at significantly lower cost.

Products and Services

H2TC has two funds for investors interested in the hydrogen value chain both in terms of production, storage and distribution for multiple end-uses with a global reach and a portfolio of high technical readiness firms poised to make material changes in the cost of green hydrogen. We are open to confidential discussions with new potential investors, individuals with promising additional green hydrogen projects requiring feasibility analysis by experts, potential green electricity providers ahead of the initiation of new projects with a view to partnership plus high net worth individuals, family offices and funds of funds with an interest in green hydrogen technology who wish to mitigate investment risk from our focussed approach and detailed knowledge.

Contact information

Richard M Oblath PhD CEng FIMMM FEI – Executive Chairman & General Partner H2Transition Capital LLP rmo@h2capital.co.uk Artem Matyushok – Founder and General Partner H2Transition Capital LLP am@h2capital.co.uk Geoff J Nesbitt PhD – Chief Technology Officer and General Partner H2Transition Capital LLP gjn@h2capital.co.uk