Hydrogen Afloat

Hydrogen Afloat Ltd is all about bringing the benefits of hydrogen and fuel cell technology to a very practical application on the canals and rivers of the UK. There are around 15,000 people who “live aboard” in the UK, a number that is increasing, particularly in London. Whilst a few have access to permanent moorings with shore power supplies, most are reliant on solar for domestic power in summer, and either idle engines or use petrol generators in Winter. Both these cause noise and air quality issues and destroy the peace and tranquillity of a beautiful place to live. We are working with Marine I (a regional development body based in the South West), University of Exeter, and local suppliers to bring our product to market in the summer of 2022. We believe that by applying hydrogen to this practical application we will help stimulate demand, increase public awareness and build support for the technology.

Products and Services

We are making a domestic power system that safely integrates a fuel cell and associated gas storage into a beautifully designed and made UK product that will match the aesthetic of a range of different boats. We aim to build a community of product users that will encourage wider availability of green hydrogen. This will create a pathway to carbon reduction for a group who are already very aware of the importance of preserving nature, the environment, and some of the most treasured outdoor spaces in our towns and cities. We see further opportunities to promote our product into other leisure and niche applications once we become more established, possibly in partnership with others.

Contact information

Nick Swift, Director, [email protected]