Kiwa Energy

Kiwa is leading the facilitation of the international acceptance of hydrogen as an energy vector. We understand the wide range of challenges set by the different contexts and scales of technology across the whole hydrogen supply chain landscape.

Working with Governments, Local Authorities and leading commercial organisations we help to develop strategies and roadmaps to realise hydrogen-based Net Zero commitments. Through understanding opportunities for hydrogen production (e.g. through electrolysis or methane reforming) and matching it to sources of demand (e.g. hydrogen fuel cell trains and buses, domestic and industrial/commercial heating and hot water) we are able to identify and assess the feasibility of real hydrogen conversion projects, helping you take the first step towards Net Zero.

A Notified Body under the Gas Appliance Regulation and an Accredited Body under UKCA GB, Kiwa has extensive experience of hydrogen appliance inspection, field trials, consultancy and thought leadership in the practical and safe application of hydrogen.

Products and Services

Certification and consultancy for hydrogen heating and cooking appliances/fittings
Identification of hydrogen decarbonisation solutions, concept design and safety assurance
Technical and financial feasibility studies for a range of hydrogen conversion projects
An extensive hydrogen test laboratory (the only one of its kind in Europe)
Fuel cell power, mCHP and vehicle refuelling systems, tanks and vehicle components
Delivering hydrogen training courses (detailed technical and non-technical familiarisation)

Contact information

Iain Summerfield 07831 670692