Luxfer Gas Cylinders

The industry leading manufacturer of lightweight high-pressure cylinders, are the best-in-class designer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel storage systems across a full spectrum of industries globally.

At Luxfer, we are dedicated to creating a greener world for future generations. We are working with a number of commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world to supply industry leading hydrogen cylinders and in many cases to design hydrogen fuel system to meet the highest technological and safety requirements.

With over 150,000 alternative fuel cylinders in use and over 18,000 vehicles running with Luxfer alternative fuel cylinders, Luxfer are established as the go to supplier for cylinders and systems for alternative fuel solutions.

Products and Services

We offer a complete design and certification of alternative fuel systems and Luxfer expertise in Cylinders. Assembly on ready to mount frames. Pressure and leak testing of every Hydrogen system before delivery. Our products are:

G-Stor H2 (Type3): The leading line of lightweight high-pressure hydrogen-storage cylinders.
Luxfer’s G-Stor Pro (Type 3): Available in an extensive range of sizes, G-Stor Pro cylinders consist of a Luxfer-manufactured aluminum liner fully over-wrapped with aerospace-grade carbon fiber. The high thermal conductivity of the aluminum liner helps remove heat from the gas generated during a fast fill, providing a more complete fill every time.
G-Stor Go (Type 4): Lightweight and Improved DGE though roto molded liner and all carbon laminate. 2.25 times factor of safety on burst. Up to 25-year life.

Contact information

Jim Gregory, European Business Development Manager, Mark Lawday, Global Sales Director, Keith Croysdale, Business Development Manager,