Monaco Engineering Solutions

Monaco Engineering Solutions (MES) is a provider of specialised engineering services for the hydrogen industry. We have a significant hydrogen experience working for major clients and contractors. We have a diverse pool of consultants and engineers covering all disciplines and we can provide highly qualified SMEs. We are interested in working in hydrogen projects, including small projects, with a continuous involvement in all project stages, including hydrogen production, transport and use in industrial and transport applications.

Products and Services

MES provides several specialised engineering services through its pool of consultants, engineers and SMEs. The engineering services we provide are: HSE studies including CFD simulations, risk assessments and workshop facilitation Asset management, maintenance engineering and RAM studies Specialised engineering studies and independent design verifications Program management assistance and Project Management Consultancy Engineering software development The above services cover all part of hydrogen value chain, including production (green and blue hydrogen), conditioning and compression, transportation (pipelines, ships and trailers), and use (chemical plants, other industrial and transport application).

Contact information

Gianluca Carigi, Clean Energy Head Consultant – [email protected]