National Nuclear Laboratory

NNL is the UK’s national laboratory for nuclear fission, harnessing nuclear science to help solve some of the world’s biggest and most critical challenges.

We are leveraging the UK’s rich nuclear heritage to support regional growth, particularly in the North West of England. Government owned but operationally independent, NNL has over 1000 employees and a turnover of more than £133m per year is added into the local economy.

As the custodians of four world-leading laboratories in the North West of England, we have a unique set of capabilities that enable ground-breaking research and development (R&D) on nuclear and its applications.

Alongside our customers and partners in government, academia and the supply chain, our ethos is to build a new clear future for our planet and to help position the UK as a global leader in nuclear technology.

Our work is centred on four Focus Areas. These are the cornerstones of our ambition, shaping what we deliver to our customers and for UK society, and how we invest in our future.

Clean Energy: This area includes our Hydrogen Programme, which is working to evidence and underpin the role of nuclear in the future hydrogen economy.
Environmental Restoration
Health and Nuclear Medicine
Security and Non-Proliferation

Products and Services

Our capabilities include the whole nuclear lifecycle from fuel development and production to decommissioning land remediation, and increasingly in the applications of nuclear energy to support decarbonisation and mitigation of climate change.

Through our hydrogen programme, we have effectively articulated the potential role of nuclear in the future hydrogen economy.

On behalf of the nuclear sector, NNL have also engaged non-nuclear conversant organisations to broaden understanding of the benefits nuclear energy can offer, supporting decarbonisation through electrolytic and thermochemical hydrogen production.

Contact information

Robert Alford, Delivery Lead for Nuclear Energy Application Projects., 07970 040474 Anne Arnold, Head of External Relations –