ULEMCo is THE world’s first hydrogen commercial vehicle conversion company, enabling fleet, commercial & niche vehicle owners to use zero emission hydrogen fuel, as part of their strategies to reduce transport related carbon emissions, with practical solutions, today.

ULEMCo’s initial product, it’s globally unique hydrogen dual-fuel approach, mixes hydrogen with diesel in the engine, from on board stored gas tanks, at volumes that displace between 30-70% of the energy from diesel, giving a direct 1 kg for 1 gallon CO2 saving.

Dual fuel addresses concerns from the risk of hydrogen availability, and range anxiety (the vehicle will still work in diesel if no hydrogen is available) and by using the existing engine technology the cost of conversion is minimal in comparison to other low emission solutions.

Longer term the company is developing full hydrogen vehicles solutions including fuel cell integration as base electric range extenders and 100% hydrogen combustion engine vehicles, particularly for specialist HGV based niche vehicle applications.

Products and Services

ULEMCo sells to customers who use specialist vehicles like refuse trucks and road sweepers and LGV’s like large vans and want to use hydrogen to save many thousands of tonnes of emission, daily, without loss of productivity and flexibility.

Because commercial vehicles are heavy duty, the volumes of back to base hydrogen can make hydrogen competitive to diesel, helping to provide scaled volume now for the development of renewable (“green”) hydrogen at scale for mobility. Conversions are either sold direct or as kits to authorised partners, installed locally to the customers.

Applying their experience of the wider hydrogen supply chain the company helps customers from the start in their hydrogen transformation journey, from consultancy services to understand the options and engineered solutions for back to base refuelling.

Contact information

Amanda Lyne, Managing Director – alyne@ulemco.com Nicola Smith, Business Development Manager – nsmith@ulemco.com