UTAC is a market-leading international group providing services and systems to customers in the various sectors: mobility, transport, tyre, petrochemical, agriculture and defence industries. UTAC operates 8 test centres – in France (including the official Euro NCAP facility), the UK, the USA and Finland; it has subsidiaries in Germany, Russia, China, Korea and Japan.

The group will be opening a proving ground in Morocco in early 2022. UTAC employs around 1280 people across its various locations. In 2019, the group recorded turnover of €173 million.

Products and Services

UTAC offers a large range of activities in digital & sustainable mobility, customisable testing solutions, customisable testing systems, vehicle engineering, type approval, regulatory advice & expertise, certification, training, corporate events and classic & sportscars festivals.

Contact information

Daniel May, Technical Program Manager – daniel.may@utac.com