Spotlight on… Fuel Cell Systems Ltd

Driven by a team of imaginative engineers, the company believes hydrogen is the enabler to a renewable and sustainable future and that the time to go zero emission is now.

Since FCSL was established in 2003, it has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and expertise in fuel cell sales, design, integration, and consultancy.

The company has helped some of Britain’s most recognisable companies including the Forestry Commission, the BBC and the Environment Agency, to integrate fuel cells into their products and projects, sourcing its equipment or making it, if it doesn’t exist.

The company provides many services including fuel cell power for off-grid applications, from CCTV towers to environmental monitoring and wildlife filming to road signage. They also offer design consultancy in bespoke fuel cell and hydrogen integration projects from stationary to mobile, along with clean, quiet and reliable power for motorhomes, leisure boats, racing yachts and ocean rowing.

FCSL recognised that one of the main barriers to hydrogen and fuel cell take-up, particularly in the transport sector, was lack of refuelling infrastructure.   For any new project, application or vehicle testing programme, the main problem was always where to get the hydrogen from and how to get the hydrogen into the vehicle.

To address this, FCSL began designing and building mobile, scalable and affordable hydrogen refuelling products back in 2016 and have been helping customers to trial hydrogen in real world applications ever since.  In other words, FCSL’s objective is to make sure hydrogen is available at the correct pressure, location, purity and quantity to meet the customer need. 

They have supported manufacturers for new vehicle testing, fleet operators wanting to trial hydrogen and regional hydrogen hub initiatives for a broad range of transport types. Manufacturers and operators have the flexibility to try out the technology, backed by the support of a company that has been working with fuel cells and hydrogen for over a decade.

FCSL was recently shortlisted in the Excellence in Sustainability category at this year’s Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

Find out more about FCSL by visiting the website and follow on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Fuel Cell Systems