Lord Dominic Johnson to deliver keynote speech at UK HFCA conference

The Minister of State, Lord Dominic Johnson from the UK Government’s Department for Business and Trade, will be delivering the keynote address at a major hydrogen conference on May 24.

The Minister for Investment and Exports will join an array of specialists who will be speaking at the event, The UK Hydrogen Journey to 2030, which is organised by the UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

Speakers covering all parts of the hydrogen sector, and Lord Johnson – whose role is to promote UK investment and exports across all sectors, including hydrogen – will share insights into how UK investment will shape the industry and our international competitiveness.

Lord Johnson said: “Hydrogen technology is key to the future of the UK’s green economy and its wide array of applications will be essential to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

“Having set out our Hydrogen Strategy in 2021, the UK government is fully behind the industry as we drive towards a sector that can lead the world’s low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030.”

The UK Hydrogen Journey to 2030 conference, at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London, will provide a fantastic opportunity to grow networks, build business and explore the latest developments across the hydrogen value chain.

Celia Greaves, CEO of the UK HFCA, said: “Our 2023 Conference will bring together representatives from the entire hydrogen value chain to focus on the UK hydrogen journey to 2030 and the achievement of the UK’s target of 10GW low carbon hydrogen capacity by that date.”

“It will explore trends, barriers, opportunities, innovations and practical developments on the ground, with sessions covering scaling up supply, growing demand, building supply chains and ‘oiling the wheels’.”

Celia Greaves

Low carbon hydrogen will be vital to the UK’s energy transition, providing enhanced resilience and clean growth, as well as forming a key element of our net zero ambitions.

Its importance has become increasingly clear over the past few months of energy supply upheaval and wider geopolitical developments.

The agenda includes:

  • In discussion with Chris Stark, CEO, Committee on Climate Change
  • Scaling up supply chains, with
    • Neil Filkin, Conrad Energy
    • Danielle Dove, Octopus Hydrogen
    • Chris Manson-Whitton, Progressive Energy
    • Jonathon Carpenter, Petrofac
    • Mark Griffin, Scottish Power
  • Building Demand, with
    • Jake Martin, Ingersoll Rand
    • Ben Richardson, Bosch
    • Afkenel Schipstra, First Hydrogen
    • Oriol Margo, Kimberley Clark
    • Beth Dawson, Fuel Cell Systems
  • Growing supply chains, with
    • Darrell Jones, Northern Valve & Fitting Company Limited
    • Marge Ryan, Johnson Matthey
    • Nicola Thomas, National Grid
    • Leon Prebeau-Menezes, Equinor
    • Wayne Thornhill, Ames Goldsmith
  • Oiling the wheels, with
    • Joanne Brooks-Kinder, Emerson Automation Solutions
    • Henry Rushton, ING Bank
    • Margarita Vigrande-Ashe, Department for Transport
    • Laura Finney, Innovate UK
    • Jeremy Bowman, Hyper-Motive

For a full list of speakers, visit https://www.ukhfca2023.co.uk/speakers and for tickets, head to https://www.ukhfca2023.co.uk/tickets

Lord Dominic Johnson