Spotlight on… Bosch

From 2022 Bosch will be investing some three billion euros over three years in climate-neutral technology such as electrification and hydrogen. Bosch believes that all sectors of the economy should be hydrogen-ready and that there should be more momentum behind hydrogen solutions.

Bosch wants to advance hydrogen production in Europe and is investing significantly in hydrogen electrolysis. Bosch is also committed to developing hydrogen solutions in transport, power supply and heating. In transport, Bosch has a fleet of hydrogen-powered lorries on the road in China and sees hydrogen as the answer when it comes to powering heavy transport in the near future. Bosch is also developing the hydrogen engine.

In power supply Bosch is developing stationary solid-oxide fuel cells, which are located at the point of electricity consumption. They can provide power for facilities such as data centres and offices. This technology is already in the proof-of-concept stage and is powering some Bosch locations as well as a bus station in Bamberg, Germany.

In the UK, Worcester Bosch has developed the hydrogen-ready boiler that could help to reduce the environmental impact of home heating.

Bosch is playing a prominent role in the establishment of the hydrogen economy and is actively supporting the move to alternative energy.

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