Spotlight on… Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Regarded as the most trusted supplier of high-pressure composite and aluminium cylinders , Luxfer Gas Cylinders has more than 70 million cylinders in service around the world.  

The company’s expertise in the design and manufacture of composite and aluminium gas cylinders spans a range of industries including alternative fuel, aerospace and inflation, SCBA, scuba, medical, specialty gas and industrial, CO2 and beverage and fire extinguishing. 

The company puts the values of freedom and safety at the heart of its operation, believing that everyone should have the ability to explore all environments.  

To that end, it pioneers advances in gas containment that can improve the quality of people’s lives, achieving this through constant innovation and by working alongside other technology partners to ensure its exemplary record for dependability and safety. 

Luxfer works tirelessly to make sure its products improve the environment, continuously working towards the reduction of environmentally damaging emissions. 

Headquartered in Riverside, California, Luxfer Group (NYSE:LXFR) has additional manufacturing facilities in Pomona, California, Nottingham, England, Calgary, Canada and Shanghai, China. 

The supply of its alternative fuel cylinders is global. In addition the company delivers alternative fuel vehicle systems in Europe, APAC and Middle East for all major forms of transportation, including buses, trucks, trains, forklifts, boats and aviation. 

Luxfer Group also provides gas distribution solutions via its virtual pipeline systems in In Europe, APAC and the Middle East. 

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